Demanded in case of chemical products and innovative procedures

The G. & S. PHILIPP Chemical Products marketing company, Thaining.

GusChem has dealt with the development and the marketing of chemical products and procedures on the field of the preparation in the surface technique, the water conservation and the sewage treatment since 1993. In this case the owner Gerit Philipp can revert to many years of experience from home and abroad. Together with competent partners own ways in the field of water and sewage treatment are gone.

Reliable procedures

With the help of specially developed precipitation and flocculation agents the company offers procedures to remove several problematic substances with little expenditure reliably and easily from sewage which is often not possible with conventional procedures. By the procedure to disinfect and conserve water and water containing liquids a rising demand of industry is successfully covered. The exceptional high competence has turned GusChem into the first contact from the area of surface technique in the fields of preparation, water conservation, cleaning and disinfection of multiply used water and water containing liquids in best time. .

Healthy growth

In spite of a general difficult economic situation the company with clients from the hole European area can be glad about a rising demand. While other companies reduce their personnel GusChem keeps raising especially in the customer care. Not only the offer of chemical products but also the quick and reliable service turns GusChem with its partners to the supplier of first choice for its clients from the plating area, vanish industries, the printed circuit board fabrication, the plastic and metal working.