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GusChem is the address for qualified metal cleaning, water and wastewater chemistry, for example, for the surface refinement of metal and plastic, powder coating, as well as printed circuit board (PCB) production.

Our long-standing customers include well-known anodisers, electroplating shops and automotive suppliers.

We are specialised in:

the long-term prevention of bacterial, algae and fungal growth in aqueous solutions
(Demineralised water, distillate, cooling circuit, air washers, emulsions, passivations, rinsing, various process baths, etc.)
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cleaning, disinfection and decalcification of water-bearing systems
(Gravel filter, ion exchanger, water circuits, module, dunking machines, etc.)
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Waste water treatment / purification
(precipitation and flocculation, complex splitting, detoxification and various special treatments)
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action connected with the 42. BImSchV
Even if you are affected at all, our specially trained employees can clarify the situation on site.
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